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In a far-off continent, the peaceful kingdom of Hohala is threatened with annihilation, forcing the population to flee into the wilderness.

Following the invasion of his homeland by the ruthless army of Volcaron, young Nicholas Stone ventures to a forbidden region in a desperate search for answers. Wandering lost in a land of fire and darkness, he encounters a new-born dragon and rescues it from imminent death. As the young dragon – who Nicholas names “Augee” – develops formidably in strength and skill, so too grows their bond.

In dire fear for his people and emboldened by the growing power of Augee, Nicholas vows to return home and face down the Volcaron invaders. Together, Nicholas, Augee and the courageous princess of Hohala plot to drive out the rampaging Volcarons and liberate their nation.

However, in the way of that mission stands a society in collapse, an ailing king, and a dictator of the blackest soul. Against a backdrop of flames and terror, Nicholas and Augee return to confront their tormentors and lead the final stand of the Hohalians.

Augee: Guardian of Hohala is the first novel in The Augee Series. Its sequel, Augee: The Reawakening, is forthcoming.

Nicholas Stone

"Augee is magnificent — Series Scores 9/10 in Major Competition”

“Absolutely loved this book.
I read it in one afternoon”

Writer’s Digest Judge

What Readers Are Saying:

“Captivating epic fantasy” – RisingShadow
“Fantastic book” – Amazon Customer
“Could not put it down” – Amazon Customer
“It will hook you from the start” – Amazon Customer

The Authors

Paul Stuempel,
Creator of The Augee Series

An entrepreneur, inventor, and dreamer, Paul has spent the past 40 years crafting The Augee Series

Cormac Lambe,
Coauthor of The Augee Series

Cormac Lambe (PhD) is an English professor and author based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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