The Characters

Nicholas Stone

Nicholas Stone is a young man who feels detached from the community, because his parents are dead and he has been raised by well-intended neighbours and friends of his parents.

He has been considered to be strange by others. He is more interested in the outside world than Hohala. He has befriended a wild panther, Nightshade, by saving him from a wild boar.

Nicholas Stone

Princess Caralisa

King Benjamin is Hohala’s ruler. He’s a kind man who doesn’t believe in violence and wants his people to stay true to their faith.

His daughter, Princess Caralisa, is also a kind a person and is respected by the Hohalians. Caralisa has feelings towards Nicholas.


Morgoratt is an intelligent man filled with darkness and yearning. He is the leader of the Volcarons, but he despises his people.

He has earned himself a fearful reputation and is considered to be a ruthless leader who doesn’t hesitate to kill people. His desire is to restore Volcaron to its former glory and greatness. His brutality knows no bounds, because he is driven by violence.

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