The Story

In a world where nature’s riches are unequally shared, the fail hand of the broken and impoverished will always, eventually, rise in dissent…

Augee: Guardian of Hohala and its forthcoming sequel, Augee: The Reawakening, are part of an epic saga, written for fans of fantasy, adventure, and suspense.

Augee: Guardian of Hohala tells of a clash of two civilizations – the privileged, peace-loving Hohalians, who for eons have lived in a sun-kissed paradise, and the ruthlessly desperate Volcarons whose famine-stricken island has grown uninhabitable.

Threatened with imminent starvation, the Volcarons, led by the country’s merciless dictator, Morgoratt, abandon their homeland and set sail across the ocean, eventually discovering the golden shores of Hohala.

The story centers on the fortunes of an orphaned 17-year-old Hohalian, Nicholas Stone, who, frustrated by his people’s unwillingness to fight back against the invading Volcarons, journeys far from his country and discovers a barren land populated by ferocious, fire-breathing reptiles.

Horrorstruck at the violence of the creatures, Nicholas impulsively rescues a young dragon and escapes into the wilderness. The infant, who Nicholas names “Augee” grows into a being of extraordinary intelligence and frightening power.

Together, the pair – along with Nicholas’s love interest, Caralisa, the courageous princess of Hohala – determine to rise up against the barbaric invaders and liberate their nation, whatever the cost.

Augee: Guardian of Hohala is a tale of fantasy, suspense, adventure, romance, tragedy, sorcery, and mystery. While loyal to its plot throughout, the novel’s undertones cast critiquing light on social ills and human suffering that exist today and, ultimately, Augee questions the justice of a world in which all are not born equal.

Coming Soon

Part 2 of The Augee Series – Augee: The Reawakening

In the aftermath of their deadly struggle against the Volcarons, a returning stranger forces Augee and Nicholas to confront the persecutors of Hohala once more with the very existence of their homeland at stake.

Augee: The Reawakening follows on immediately from Augee: Guardian of Hohala and is due for release in early fall 2021.

The third installment in The Augee Series is also forthcoming.

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